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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Watch,Enjoy and Share Images of Real Natural Beauties of Beautiful Bangladesh throughout the world


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Picture/Images of World’s most beautiful bank note is Bangladeshi two (2) taka note/Most Beautiful bank note of Top 2o Countries of the world elected in 2012 by Russian Magazine

Most Beautiful bank note of Top 2o Countries 2012.

Worlds Top 1o countries Bank Note.....

1. Bangladesh’s two (2) taka note was ranked 1st (first) among the most beautiful bank notes worldwide, according to a poll at Russian Online Entertainment Outlet.

2. The fifty (50) thousand Dobra note of  São Tomé and Príncipe  became the runner-up.

3. 1 dollar of  Bahamian.

4. 5 Dinars of  Bahraini.

5. 10 lari note of Georgia.

6. 10 Dollars of  Hong Kong.

7. 10 Dollars of  Cook Islands.

8. 50 shekels of  Israeli.

9. 20 thousand  Island krona note.

10. 50 Faeroe Islands Kronurs.

The rest 10 countries are……

  1. New Zealand.
  2. Romania.
  3. Maldives.
  4. Singapore.
  5. Comoros.
  6. French Polynesia.
  7. Switzerland.
  8. Jamaica.
  9. Japan.